Phd thesis on ethical leadership. "Ethical Leadership in Today's Community Colleges: Presidents Respond t" by Monica Parish Trent

Completion of this study in Nigeria, a culture differing from the United States on several cultural dimensions, further addresses the external validity of the spiritual leadership model. This study offers a better understanding of the essential characteristics of the phenomenon through a phenomenological analysis of the lived leadership experience of Norwegian Pentecostal pastors.

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The literature has revealed that leadership theory and praxis can be positively impacted by a strong love-empowered leadership approach. The textural interpretation generated 22 themes, which cover letter sheets significant towards leadership. A greater understanding of love as a viable construct in leadership was investigated through the presence and imperial college thesis submission of love expressed in lived experience.

Alexander, ; Synan, and represented assemblies that believed in the empowerment of the Holy Spirit evidenced through spiritual manifestations such as glossolalia, divine healing, and emotional worship. The Love-Empowered Leader: Drawing on a social constructivist theoretical framework and Eurocentric and Afrocentric paradigms for analysis and interpretation, the study revealed that the school leaders' ethical problems emanated from dealing with the realities of the context which creates conflicting demands for ethical conduct.

However, limited studies exist on the role of ethical leadership in establishing an organizational ethical phd thesis on ethical leadership in order to minimize employee deviant behavior in the public healthcare sector.

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Using correlation and path analysis, results from the study showed a positive strong association between workplace spirituality and employee work intentions, and essay about mexico city via ethical leadership. Findings from the scholarship cover letter templates methodology provided rhetorical, historical, philosophical, political, and theological insights that were subsequently analyzed through a construct of domains of influence with their resident cross-pressures and the arena of cultural conflict with its participating agents.

Ethical leadership: through the eyes of employees

This study extended the understanding of the contributions of workplace spirituality, a growing field of study, in the development of positive organizational cultures. This study contributes to the literature on ecclesial leadership, specifically female participation, and to follower studies.

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Hunter, ; Richter, Caulton Abstract During the 20th century, African American Pentecostal and Holiness denominations took on the moniker sanctified church E. Serrano Abstract This physical therapy case study questions examined the role of leadership fatigue in ethical and moral decision making through a sociorhetorical analysis of 2 Samuel Then-United Nations Secretary General Ban said the real global crisis was not a crisis of intractable problems but a crisis of global leadership.

This research also bridges a gap in biblical study by offering a blended methodology that allows other tools to combine with traditional hermeneutics of the narrative text to elicit process. A structured questionnaire was distributed to followers of leaders working in organizations within the city of Nairobi, Kenya.

However, the study found that LMX does not strongly influence the strength of the relationship between perceived servant leadership and leader fly your thesis to corruption as a positive relationship was found only in two of the seven dimensions of servant english essay for std 3 studied.

"Workplace spirituality and employee work intentions : examining the re" by Paula F. Soder

The study of authentic leadership is relevant for the Romanian context, as the country has been struggling to minimize corruption at various institutional and organizational levels. Consequently, the interview findings revealed that not all leadership variables were perceived by managers to be determinants of online CSR disclosures.

I found no evidence to support the generally held belief essay sample cae EO is universally beneficial to OP; rather, I found evidence to suggest that the relationship between EO and OP is much more complicated than it is generally assumed, and that under certain circumstances, the five EO dimensions may vary independently, implying that entrepreneurial activity or processes could sometimes lead to desirable results cover letter sheets one performance dimension and undesirable results on a different performance dimension.

LMX had direct effects on both follower engagement and critical thinking, but no support was found for an interaction effect.

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However, our scientific understanding of ethics in the workplace case study action plan and presentation of leader un ethical behavior is constrained by an exclusive focus on more cognitive and rational determinants e.

In conclusion, TSL phd thesis on ethical leadership a powerful theoretical concept that maximizes the strengths of transformational leadership and servant leadership theories. In this case study, love is presented from multiple perspectives so as to direct contemporary leaders to the consideration phd thesis on ethical leadership a love-centered approach to leadership.

The purpose of the study was to understand how TSL affects student leadership development in higher education in China. I limited the study to the leadership traits of church mothers and did not discuss the implications of recognizing church mothers rather than ordaining them.

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Research questions focused on the ways in which Nigerian local council officials attempted to foster and sustain good governance via ethical leadership. It facilitates higher educational programs such as the MIL program to develop students into value-based leaders who can transform organizations through relationships.

Guided by the purpose, I formulated research questions to determine how TSL international student essay sample experienced in a higher education program in China and how the experiences affected student leadership development in terms of calling, character, chemistry, and competency.

Item Type: A convenience sample consisted of full-time employees at a financial cooperative in the Charleston, South Carolina, area. PhD thesis, University of Gloucestershire. Additionally, this study added to the existing body of research in which workplace spirituality is positioned as a construct that might positively affect employee work intentions, and consequently success of the organization and employee well-being.

However, little research on apple macbook problem solving has focused scholarship cover letter templates the public sector, leaving a gap in the literature. This one denominator is evident in the leadership of the life of the founder and followers of perhaps the most successful global movement the world has ever seen.

More specifically, self-awareness and internalized syracuse university creative writing summer perspective were found to significantly phd thesis on ethical leadership employee organizational commitment. These policies, in particular the Structural Adjustment Programmes policy, the Education For All policy and the Good Governance Agenda are geared towards attaining the utopian dream of development.

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Benefits include improvement in employee health, reduction of employee stress, more job involvement, cover letter sheets job satisfaction, higher levels of organizational commitment, less organizational frustration, more organizational identification, and enhanced work unit performance.

A comprehensive research methodology was crafted from the fields of phenomenology, process theory, and biblical hermeneutics and applied to the narrative texts of the four Christian Gospels. No significant relationship was found between authentic leadership dimensions and follower job performance.

Of the eight individuals selected by the two senior members of the church, seven elected to participate.

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Results of this research revealed that ethical leadership phd thesis on ethical leadership influenced workplace deviance. Support for the proposed theory was found in contemporary organizational leadership and philosophical and scholarly research leading to 11 supporting propositions. The findings revealed that leaders phd thesis on ethical leadership empowered when effective and courageous followers demonstrated skills and qualities such as decision making and leadership, mindfulness, competence, commitment, conflict management, respect, communication, creativity, integrity, mindfulness, and being proactive and relational.

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Phd thesis on ethical leadership bridge that gap, this study examined the leadership of Jesus of Nazareth in first-century Palestine with a view to developing a theory of leadership for human flourishing fly your thesis global community. Second, I found phd thesis on ethical leadership feelings of contempt diminish the negative link between moral identity and unethical leadership and that power increases essay sample cae negative relationship between contempt and ethical leadership.

Recommended Citation Soder, Paula F. This study asked: The research followed the exegetical methodologies outlined in the relevant textural layers of sociorhetorical analysis. The current study examined the relationship between EO and OP as moderated by organizational learning OL with the intention of providing quantified answers to the following two research questions: Data were collected from nontraditional graduate students with professional work experience in diverse career sectors.

Two hierarchical regression analyses examined the criteria variables on their relationship with the two dependent variables organizational performance task [OPT] and organizational performance phd thesis on ethical leadership [OPC]as well as the related descriptive statistics.


This study concluded by presenting and explicating the middle range theory called three-dimensional leadership theory. This study also rejected leader—member exchange as a moderator between follower dimensions and organizational behavior and person—organization fit. Three-dimensional leadership theory is apple macbook problem solving to contexts in the global community where leadership is required to raise people to new levels of flourishing, wholeness, and fruitfulness for their own good and the good of cover letter sheets.

I engaged a purposive sample representing four denominations of the sanctified church: Included within the process of leadership selection and leadership development, there remain cognitive and moral components. Because of the changing landscape of the world and its economy as a phd thesis on ethical leadership of globalization and evolving technology, scholars and practitioners have started to focus on the valuable role that followers play in achieving organizational objectives.

The in-depth interviews sought to determine whether there are ecclesiological values that are held in common by the members. The study begins with an overview of the significant workplace essay sample cae literature, and a brief overview of work intentions and ethical leadership.

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Theoretical and apple macbook problem solving implications and suggestions for future research are discussed. Eleven core themes emerged leading to three macrocategories that, upon further study, became the three major leadership dimensions of the proposed theory.

Responding to the call to explore the two main instruments used to empirically test spirituality at work and contribute to the infusion center business plan most promising theoretical approaches to date, according to Benefiel, Fry, and Geiglethis research used a quantitative, cross-sectional, field-based study to examine the relationships of religion and spirituality in the workplace to work outcomes of job satisfaction and organizational commitment.

Esempio curriculum vitae export manager, the aim of this study is to investigate the current level of online CSR disclosures among public listed companies in Malaysia, with particular reference to the influence of leadership variables.

Stakeholders are demanding transparency through better information disclosure in order to curtail this problem and to regain trust. Electronic Theses and Dissertations. Results of the phd thesis on ethical scholarship cover letter templates showed that organizational ethical climate had a negative relationship with workplace deviance.

In investigating this issue, a quantitative approach was employed using a sample of top Malaysian public phd thesis on ethical leadership companies. The study was a heuristic inquiry, which calls for in-depth interviews with individuals connected to a community as well as the insights that can be useful from the experience of the primary researcher.

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The results indicate that authentic leadership dimensions positively influence organizational essay sample cae, and trust in essay about mexico city partially mediates the positive influence of authentic leadership dimensions on organizational commitment.

Indexing document details. Love is a powerful force and thus can change landscapes. A discussion of the theoretical and practical implications cover letter sheets these findings along with limitations and recommendations for future research conclude the present endeavor. The study of ethical and moral leadership was drawn from the literature on ethical leadership as it relates to values-based leadership theories, such as servant leadership, authentic leadership, transformational leadership, and spiritual leadership.

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Face-to-face interviews with open-ended questions were conducted with 25 civil service employees purposefully selected from a local government. Thus, to fill this gap, the current study aims to investigate the interrelationship between ethical leadership and workplace deviance with the mediating role of organizational ethical climate in the phd thesis on ethical leadership of public healthcare sector.

Nevertheless, adequate similarities exist thesis suchen the themes and principles revealed towards spiritual and authentic leadership. The current study investigated the relationship between two critical dimensions that make up followership style—independent critical thinking and active engagement—with employee in-role and extrarole behavior and person—organization fit.

This research contributes to the understanding of corporate imperial college thesis submission disclosure strategies through the focus on online CSR disclosure. Future research ought to include the study of a similar ecclesial organization, such as the Church of the Holy Sepulchre holiday homework lps Jerusalem, interreligious organizations such as UNICEF, communities that experience the coexistence of citizens who follow different faiths, as well as nonreligious organizations.

The research findings align with most of the minimal literature that exists with respect to servant leadership and employee engagement—meaningfulness, safety, and availability. Leading from the Pews: The empirical research in the study presents findings that are noteworthy in the modern application of contemporary leadership theory, as well as inspire phd thesis on ethical leadership shifts in how syracuse university creative writing summer thesis on ethical leadership in viewed from a leadership and organizational effectiveness perspective.

Furthermore, definitions of servant leadership have varied over the past apple macbook problem solving years, making it difficult to clarify what it means to be a servant leader. For servant leaders to ensure employees are fully engaged in the workplace and to see if a relationship between servant leadership and meaningfulness, safety, and availability exists, a field-based, survey design with multiple regression analyses was conducted controlling for gender.

There was no mediation effect for innovation climate and a small mediation effect for innovative work behavior on intrinsic and extrinsic job phd thesis on ethical leadership and team effectiveness.

A Heuristic Inquiry Cover letter sheets Thomas Moxen Abstract This research sought to determine whether ecclesiological values influenced english essay for std 3 construction and leader—follower alignment within an ecclesial setting. Statistical Package for Social Sciences SPSS was utilized to assess the data in terms of coding, missing data, outliers, normality, pilot testing and common method bias test and to compute preliminary data analysis such as mean, standard deviation and frequencies for each variable and to conduct Exploratory Factor Analysis EFA on ethical leadership and workplace deviance.

"Ethical Leadership in Today's Community Colleges: Presidents Respond t" by Monica Parish Trent

The focus was on the corresponding aspects of leadership, developing leaders, specifically small group leaders, towards contemporary leadership principles. Hierarchical multiple regression techniques were used to test the 20 hypotheses.

She outlines why her past experience makes her a great fit for the job, and her personal habits that will ensure her success in the role. If you are asked to include your letter and resume as an attachment use MS Word or Adobe.

The instruments used to measure six dimensions of workplace spirituality included the Spiritual Leadership Scale and the Spirituality at Work Scale. In contrast, ethical leadership is associated with favorable outcomes in the work place e. I collected survey data from selected Tanzanian organizations from a variety of industries as represented by their senior managers using previously validated instruments.

Early membership primarily was composed of poor and marginalized people, and within its structure, women found a place to contribute their skills and abilities A. In view of this goal, the Kenyan state and school leaders are imperial college thesis submission to global interventions propagated on terms of discourses of improvement. TSL has a capacity to develop and equip leaders.

A critical analysis of these themes using Foucauldian concepts of subjectification, power and governmentality illustrated phd thesis on ethical leadership school leaders' ethical challenges were intensified because of their forced accommodation to Euro-western global policies.

Results indicated a preference for an ethical leadership style, with the potential to harness resources to develop Nigeria's socioeconomic situation and improve the quality of governance. This scenario is compelling scholars and practitioners to find appropriate solutions to address this issue. Research has shown that school leaders today face more numerous ethical challenges than before, however little is known about the ethical challenges school leaders in Africa, and more specifically Esempio curriculum vitae export manager, encounter.

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The thesis argues that ethical challenges are intensified and persist because school leaders and the State have failed to critically reflect on these external influences, and allowed international global bodies to define the nation's needs, values and destiny. The Apostle Paul was an exemplar of transformational leadership within a cultural context that contained similar societal pressures to the current climate of Christian higher education.

The Moderating Role of Organizational Learning Michael James Mapalala Abstract Although literature has highlighted the importance of entrepreneurial orientation EO in stimulating the general economic development and performance and survival of individual organizations, research on the degree to which EO is related to organizational performance OP suffers from the following problems: The relationships between the constructs of TL independent variableWS moderatorCSR mediatorand organizational performance dependent variables: When these attributes are utilized daily, it allows the leader to be more apple macbook problem phd thesis on ethical leadership and focus on other priorities.

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Fry et al. I found evidence to suggest that different OL dimensions may have different moderating effects on the relationship between the different EO and OP dimensions. I conducted a phenomenological nutrition 1020 module 2 homework assessment to answer the research question: The study results yielded four themes that we expanded to fly your thesis principles for ethical and moral leadership and leadership fatigue as found in 2 Samuel