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Did Mark finish his work? She is about to meet her favorite actor. Are you wearing a tie to the dinner? You are always smoking near my office! My little sister needs help in doing her assignment. Ask someone to close the door.

I could sing before. Charles is not in a good mood. Have you heard of this band? He is not tall Past He wishes he hadn't come to the party yesterday.

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Common stative verbs are: I do neither 4. Did they come?

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I really enjoyed it. Does the cat usually sleep on your bed? It had been toasted too long. I have such a long research paper to finish. This house was built in the s.

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Question is becoming a simple sentence. Complete the following sentences using the verb in brackets in the correct form: Make a suitable question for each answer using either Present Continuous or Simple Present for the future. Special case: Could do and could have done Usage Could has other uses aside from being the past tense of can. A clean physical therapy cover letter new graduate is emphasized.

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Your room is as messy as I left it this morning. What time does the social class thesis statement leave today? What time does the show end? Often includes oil and vinegar but not always. You want to know who looked for your parents yesterday. My grandparents live in a small house near the seaside. Use future perfect for actions that will be completed before something else in the future.

Complete the following sentences with words derived from the word given in the brackets. You are looking for Emma. What about you? Use Simple Present Perfect form to show how many, how many times, or how much.

Yesterday is finished time so do not use I have done. Sorry, you have not i havent finished the homework and my brother hasnt either the test. Dad looked so tired. Do you have any food to eat?

Correct She both speaks and she writes German very well. They their room on Sundays. Our train arrives at 5.

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I heard the great news! Or is he at work? No, hesi case study rsv quizlet isn't. He does not read a book Neither she nor he reads a book 7. I read a book She reads a book and I do too She reads a book and so do I 2.

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I saw a kid crying. I am flying to Miami next week. I am very tired after an day. Why is Ella crying? I had waited for him before I left. It is Independence Day. Wish for a great day today. The world is changing. Do you know if 2. I won't come term paper on e-commerce pdf the party next week. Correct - I know her for a long time. They had a bouncy castle and lots of yummy food and cake.

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Schools are improving. Why are you laughing?

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Would you is used for inviting. I want to go home. She does not read a book. The maid not only adversity essay sdn the floor but also washes the clothes. Where are we going? Have appearance He looks good. The act of cleaning is emphasized.

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Dave must have put this here. Yes, they are. She reads a book. Use should for things that are not right or are not expected.

Which is correct: "if I was" or "if I were"? And why?

Use Simple Present Perfect for actions that may continue. She reads a book b. The verb does not end in -s in the negative. How was it made?

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Complete the following sentences with used to and a suitable verb. Of course I will excuse your mistake! I walk to school. Use the present simple. Gary came really early. She would have loved it if she had seen this view. Do you have any children? Complete the exercise with the present tense form of the verb in parentheses.

Pair each negative statement with another negative statement. Camille is so popular.

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I 4 not eat cornflakes. The kids might have used it as their playroom. Henry has been telling stories to his younger siblings all evening long. Complete the sentence by putting the verb in hesi case act essay time length rsv quizlet parentheses either in Simple Present Perfect form or Simple Past form. You are lying! Our teacher always comes on time.

You should have go there. What a coincidence! Make sure to conjugate the tense correctly based on the tense of the statement with which you are agreeing. Mel was asked to play the part. I entered the gym. Does Fred always get up early?

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The act of writing reports is emphasized. Usage Can and could are used for requesting things.

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Which of these two do you like? Neither am I. Neither have I. We have to go to the art exhibit.