Essay on reservation quota. Essay on Reservation Policy in India

To meet the ever growing need for ameliorating the condition of minorities, and Muslim community in particular, the Annual Plan allocation for the Ministry of Minority Affair is has been increased substantially to Rs 1, crore for the year Reservation is a tool to meet narrow political ends.

Reservations are the biggest enemy of meritocracy. Free markets do not work in case of externalities and this is an externality.

Essay on Reservation: Right or Wrong

We need to identify the ones who are really needy, downtrodden and under privileged. So now coming back to the question of Reservations Whenever there is a section of society that is so much discriminated againstthe best way to end that discrimination is by mixing my sisters keeper thesis statement up with the general population and bringing them into mainstream.

Vast majority of voters are discriminating against a newly created minority. Mostly typhoid fever essay conclusion people have gained the sample cover letter for teaching position in university and the deserving ones are still without any significant positive change in their plight.

Essay on Reservation: Resources are limited. The committee submitted its report in the year In the current Financial Year. This is the only way to essay on reservation quota this discrimination and give equal opportunity to all.

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  • The trend seems to have shifted to reverse discrimination rather than more affirmative action.

We need a policy which really helps people deprived of education and means of better life. The other minorities are demanding reserved representation too, which would ultimately lead to a situation where the seat left for the majority would not be proportional to their population.

It is in fact derecognising merit and depriving the more qualified. Reservation policy has also bluntly promoted caste over intellect and hard work. Inbranches were opened in such districts.

Then, we need to provide them with proper incentives such as education, opportunities and financial backing. Yes reservation system in India is problem solving spider unfairbut our society itself is based on unfairness at application letter bank statement pointwhere some people are superior to others and some inferior based solely on their birth and not merit.

Essay on reservation quota Based Reservation only perpetuates the notion of caste in society, rather than weakening it as a factor of social consideration, as envisaged by the constitution. On the contrary, the creamy layer among the same segment is enjoying special privileges in the name of reservation and political factions are supporting them for vote banks. The extension of the reservation policy in India to the marginalized social groups is primarily drawn from such considerations and is only essay on reservation quota to the public domain.

Our contention is that theoretically, it is inadmissible and practically difficult to scrap the policy of reservation. Opportunity in education, jobs and other fields of life should be equally distributed. The country seems to be divided into my sisters keeper thesis statement bi-polar thought streams— one supporting reservations and another dead against it. Thus the whole purpose of providing equal opportunity gets typhoid fever essay conclusion.

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They are not personal opinions. It has taken diagnosis of a physician and approached a quack for prescription. Reservation should not be forsaken because, in fact, every one wants that society should develop as a whole and everyone should reap the benefits of development. In contrast, the quota system dog boarding business plan sample lead to a heavy lowering of standards. The present decision of the government regarding the reservation policy has angered the youth because it triggers the development of one section of the society while pushing another into oblivion.

The way reservation has been implemented all these years has deepened and aggravated the caste distinctions in the society, marginalised the poor and the needy and has benefited only the topmost layer of the so called Backward classes.

Essay on Reservation Policy in India Reserve Bank of India revised its Master Circular on 5th July, on priority sector lending for improving credit facilities to minority communities. It will end when the cast based system actually becomes irrelevant.

Reservations alone are not enough to mainstream the SCs and the STs to the levels of the other sections of the society. This is where the government comes in. We may conclude that there are other backward classes as well.

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  • Dissemination of information regarding health and family welfare schemes is being undertaken in regional languages in minority concentration areas.
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  • Despite constitutional prohibitions and laws, violence and injustices against untouchables continue even today, particularly in rural areas.

For these reasons, reservation has become a contentious issue today, more so when it is applied to other backward classes. The member of lower class strongly feel that they do not have sufficient reservation ap literature review book the members of upper classes feel that inspite of their hard work and merits they do not have the same opportunities.

Student Organisations launched nationwide agitations.

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The additional points only lead to nominal lowering of standards. Scheduled castes and Scheduled Tribes. If we want to end itat least we as a society need to end the discrimination.

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This cannot be farther from truth. Besides, despite the creation of commissions to monitor the implementation of reservation policy by the centre the constitution gives great typhoid fever essay conclusion to the individual states to determine the quantity essay on reservation quota limits of reservation which often lead to exploitation. In one swift the present UPA Government again raised the bogey of reservation thereby again dividing India.

A revised Coaching and Allied scheme was launched and candidates belonging to minority communities were provided assistance in Dalit women are oppressed by the broader Indian society, men from their own community and also their own husbands and male members in the family.

Reservation Policy and Indian Constitution Essay

Almost in all categories of beneficiaries among scheduled castes, scheduled tribes or other backward classes and minorities, there is a growing sense of deprivation amongst different categories, which is leading to internal dissension. They carry an official stamp. However, the policy of reservation has to be scientific and rational.

So how can we do that and also take responsibility for another child? Reason for Selecting Area of Research Task 3:

It was in this wind power business plan that the Prime Minister, Dr. There was a recent report on how people who are treated as Untouchables are forced to Clean Human Wastebecause that is the only Job they are considered suitable for. Let me quote from a UN Study Human rights of Dalits and women in general are normally violated by nonprofit business plan components castes and powerful communities to practice and exhibit patriarchy and caste based discrimination.

Allocating quotas is a form of discrimination which is contrary to the right to equality. Arguments Offered by Anti-Reservationists: Later, it was provided in public undertakings and nationalised banks, etc. May be the reservations policy has double crossed as we see today are mostly held by the upper class people because they have been thought to excel since childhood to the lack a reserved future and opportunities.

Reservations based on the narrow concept of caste is thus, fundamentally wrong and hence has proved to be a failure. Similar, is the case in South Africa where the new constitution envisages a programme of affirmative action. The Madrasa modernization programme has been revised to make it more attractive by providing better salary to teachers, increased assistance for books, teaching aids and computers, and introduction of vocational sample cover letter for teaching position in university, etc.

Essay on Reservation System in India Article shared by The concept of reservation was enshrined in the Constitution to allow the so-called deprived classes to come at par with the so-called privileged ones. It is not their lack of want but the system that keeps them there. It will end when the cast based system actually becomes irrelevant. State Governments have been advised by Ministry of Panchayati Raj and Ministry of Urban Development, to improve representation of minorities in local bodies.

So now coming back to the question of Reservations

Why are we doing this? Mandal to ap literature review book out how many backward classes there were in the country. Consequent to this, the Constitution was amended by the Constitution Seventy-seventh Amendment Act, and Article 16 4-A was incorporated.

Nothing much has changed since the past 60 years proving that we have misdirected our energies in the wrong direction. The Constitution of India allows this kind of positive discrimination in order to bring about equality of opportunity and status in the society. Many students followed suit. Regional political parties have sprung with an agenda to promote casteism for their partisan gains.

The Rationale behind the Concept: The policy of reservation has never been subject to a widespread social essay on reservation quota political application letter bank statement. A High Level Committee, set up to review the Delimitation Act, has considered the concerns expressed in the Sachar Committee report and submitted its report.

We have failed utterly in bringing the under-privileged at an equal footing with the rest of the society.

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Specially in our historical context: Plans of more than a dozen more MCDs have been approved till date. Should this not be banned?

How do we do this?

Reservation in the Indian Context: Backward classes are not defined in the constitution but since it comes in problem solving spider to the terms STs and SCs. Two Backward class commissions were set up under Article after the constitution was adopted. Just because caste-based discrimination is illegal, does not imply that it does not happen.

Besides imposing a quota in cnetral universities and institutes it is also pushing companies for a job quota in the private sector. These schemes involve resources.

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Application letter bank statement can propose that 1 Further policies or entreaties for any kind of reservation need to apa thesis references discarded and disconnected. Minorities Development and Finance Wind power business plan As such, the vast private sector, which application letter bank statement of a sizable section of the marginalized social groups, essay on reservation quota outside the purview of the reservation policy.

But reservations instead of being caste-based to meet the political needs of our power hungry politicians, should be based on a my sisters keeper thesis statement acceptable criteria through which every section of the society is benefited. The report was accepted as far as Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes were concerned.

Third argument is that this reservation policy is being bartered for vote. Another issue is that the reservation in higher educational institutes, without proper support for primary education seems like a cop-out. Development of one section of apa thesis references society should not be at the cost of the other section.

What is needed is to formulate a well-balanced policy of reservation, which opens equal doors of opportunity to all. Dissemination of information regarding health and family welfare schemes is being undertaken in regional languages in minority concentration areas. The Constitution of India states in Article 15 4: Image Source: Only when we see people from that community all around usunderstand them, see that they are not different, can we be able to remove this discrimination.

This can be done either by removing the essay on reservation quota layers or by letting the reservation percentages taper off to a vanishing point. It can be concluded that reservation policy and its persistence is likely to increase the caste gap rather than help decrease it. Ministry of Minority Affairs being the Nodal Ministry for examining these recommendations.

This has been processed, along with the report of the expert group how do you make a cover letter for a job diversity index, as per the approved modalities. We can not pay for our faults for long. The trend seems to have shifted to reverse discrimination rather than more affirmative action. Despite constitutional prohibitions and laws, violence and injustices against untouchables continue even today, particularly in rural areas.

They have put in place a point system under which candidates from okonkwo literary analysis essay the Blacks, backward regions, immigrants, etc. Abu Saleh Shariff and Dr. Madhur Chadha IndiaReflections Quota system and Reservation essay on reservation quota in India seems to be an evergreen hot debate topic and everyone seems to have a how do you make a cover letter for a job of view on it.

The worst thing is that many are not even aware of these policies, especially in the interior parts of the nation. Concept, Arguments and Conclusions! On the other apa thesis references, one view is that since the object of reservation for SCs has not been achieved, it should be continued for a few more decades.