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Some instances of the hard and soft constraints of course timetabling problem are presented in Table 4. Moreover, in solving assignment problem, some constraints need to be fulfilled under certain conditions. Additionally, the local search-based algorithms have successfully solved ETPs.

Ahmed et al.

An Assignment Problem and Its Application in Education Domain: A Review and Potential Path

Besides, handling a great range of constraints is a pretty tough task. As such, Qu et al.

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Nevertheless, the duration to find an optimum solution of a complex problem of exact method is more problem solving activities egg drop than that of the heuristic due to incorporation of many irrelevant cases. The study differentiated the performance of different low-level construction heuristics for this area.

Based on the graph colouring heuristics, an algorithm was developed to produce a greater solution for the present software. Cerdeira-Pena et al. Students have preference towards project, while lecturers have preference towards student s.

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In the first phase, greedy search was employed to generate initial timetable, while tabu search was implemented in the second phase to improve the generated solution. Student-Project Allocation Problem The student-project allocation problem SPAP is related to assigning a person to a particular project or cases based on preference or interest of student and lecturer [ 13 ].

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Meanwhile, Santos et al. Next, Yongkai et al. In this paper, it is called an assignment matrix, where every resource can be assigned to only one demand and signify it, as given in the following: Next, Li et al.

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A counter-strategy was incorporated to calculate the successive nonimproving iterations to control the acceptance of worse solution. Summary of real-world course timetabling datasets from different institutions. Meanwhile, Amaral and Pais [ 42 ] proposed a multiobjective tabu search approach with two new features to increase the algorithm automation.

Table Next, Minh et al.

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Moreover, Obit [ 51 ] stated that, in reality, examination and course thesis for breast cancer essay problem are about the same in some attributes but portray some variances. The neighbourhood structures used in the study were single moves, swaps, and block moves.

  • Meanwhile, Pillay and Banzhaf [ 44 ] proposed a two-phased GA that was employed to induce a solution for ETP so as to cater to both hard and soft constraints.
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In fact, the aim of the exact approaches is to obtain an optimal solution, but emma stone spiderman graduation speech complex problems is computationally expensive. Other than that, Beligiannis et al. Table 8: The exact approaches have been used to solve examination timetabling, which evokes mathematical procedures, such as objective function and related constraints.

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