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The consciousness of individuals cannot be subsumed within the national consciousness; they make up an integrated system in which the whole does not function without the parts. It is seen in the nearly total absence of blacks or mestizos in leading positions on our educational channels. One point that adds to the problems of the identity of blacks is that they tend not to have a recognized history.

In those years, in the context of the needs of the struggle against imperialism, excessive priority was given to questions related to the national identity, and matters of cultural identity were often given short shrift.

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Later it was shown that it was not enough to be born in the same hospital, to attend the same school and the same recreation center, if some children return to a tenement, to a marginal neighborhood, while others have a substantial house, parents earning good salaries and much better living conditions, conditions that do not characterize the immense majority claim reason thesis statement nonwhites, and especially research methods and thesis writing by calmorin.

To do that, in the first place, to lay out an effective working strategy, people must be made conscious that the problem phonics homework activities. Not dealing with a problem of such importance to our reality would continue to engender bewilderment, ignorance, and social discomfort in those who suffer the ill, whether directly or as a result of their having acquired an antidiscriminatory ethic.

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Problems in US-Cuban Relations. This affected the dynamics of personal identity, which must function as an integrated system, whose components, valued individually, are so important in fighting social perversions such as racism. Even when the economic level of a black might have been similar to that of a white, that did not save him from being racially discriminated against.

Color exerted its influence and even though blacks and mestizos were treated in exactly the same manner as poor whites, they remained thesis about cafeteria food a greater disadvantage.

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Trying to gain a fundamental understanding of the context of this problem — which produces such concern and prejudices — a problem that has for so long been ignored, swept under the rug, forgotten, neglected, and even repressed, has given rise to a very complicated situation if we consider it in the framework of political policies.

And although black and white sample cover letter for apostille request california may have the same what can be done to save endangered animals essay, this does not mean that all will be equally capable of overcoming the historic starting points bequeathed by their family, living conditions, neighborhood, etc. Skin color has historically been — and continues to be — a factor of social differentiation within the Cuban population.

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But the phenomenon maintained a toehold in the family, individual attitudes, and some institutions, and today there is the danger of its reestablishment in the macro consciousness of Cuban society. However, the other one carries the color of his skin with him.

It is seen in the nearly total absence of blacks or mestizos in leading positions on our educational channels. In addition, unfortunately an ideopolitical atmosphere developed in Cuba wherein defining oneself racially is frowned upon.

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The more complex conditions that had encouraged silence concerning the subject of race gave way to the economic and political shockwaves of the end of the s and the beginning of the s, giving rise to a more realistic vision about what had actually occurred with racism, which encouraged a more objective and critical analysis of the situation.

Other aspects that are part of how present-day Cuban society presents itself ideologically are also affected, and these spheres also suffer from the imbalance in racial representation.

The subject must be forcefully brought back into public discourse, it must be publicized, research methods and thesis writing by calmorin it must be taken up in the political and mass organizations, so that it becomes what it should be and in cuales son las caracteristicas internas de un curriculum vitae is: The neighborhoods are different, as are the families and their living standards.

What kind of a basic overall culture can we have in a society that retains negative racial stereotypes, discrimination based on skin color, and racism? This indicates that we are not simply dealing essay on cartoon character doraemon an economic question.

But the economic crisis of the end of the s and beginning of the s, with its strong traces of a social crisis, caused racism to resurface with the virulence that can be expected from a problem that, having been seen as solved, in fact was not.

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According to the prevailing view at that time, in the midst of the political confrontation of those years, anyone who critically analyzed racism was playing into the hands of those who wanted to socially divide Cubans, and it earned them the epithet of being a racist or a divider, or both.

There is no well-rounded understanding of the situation by all the institutions, social and political organizations, or leading sectors of the state apparatus. Blacks and mestizos in Cuba, with very rare exceptions, do not have a genealogical tree and cannot trace their surnames to Africa or to Spain.

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We need to examine the mechanisms through which it spreads and how to help design tools that allow us fight it. As I said earlier, Cuban scientific work has barely begun to focus on the question of race. Many people feel that it is not worth talking about this topic.

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It would lead to a level of social hypocrisy that would end up turning the racial problem into an endemic ill, from which Cuban society could not recover, with consequences for societal coexistence, the nation, and Cuban culture.

A diferencia de lo ocurrido en los EE. That is why although pulling him out of poverty might be difficult; achieving the conditions so that he is not discriminated against is even more difficult. Blacks have had to navigate a road mined by racial discrimination and nonrecognition of their values. Today in Cuba we have various challenges regarding this subject, which we must confront very seriously.

Inthe chief of the Revolution had frontally and very forcefully attacked the existing racial discrimination, which had been a direct inheritance from republican Thesis about cafeteria food.


Racism arose from slavery. What country are we talking about if we do not consider color as a fundamental trait in our population? In practice, the subject was no longer spoken of, until it reappeared in the second half of the s, when the political leadership itself raised it.

All the more so if we consider that owing to certain historic vicissitudes, of all the social problems that the Revolution tackled sincewhat can be done to save endangered animals essay racial question may have been the theme on which there has been the least progress.


This can result in a profound and dangerous dichotomy between scholastic education and social reality. But none of them share the vicissitudes of daily life in Cuba with us, and this can be seen in their annotated bibliography literature review, even though they make notable contributions, whether or not we might share some of their opinions.

  1. In the course of these nearly fifty years of the revolutionary process, almost all of the most important intellectual work on this subject, from the perspective of the social and human sciences, has been done outside Cuba.
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  4. Things do not pass into the culture unless they are introduced in the schools, and this is an important flaw in our education regarding a subject of vital importance.
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In the course of these nearly fifty years of the revolutionary process, almost all of the most important intellectual work on this subject, from the perspective of the social and human sciences, has been done outside Cuba. This is a problem that Cuban social and economic statistics cannot continue ignoring.

In that context, racism and discrimination were also fed by the stereotypes and prejudices against cultures originating from Africa. At least that is what many believed.

Cuales son las caracteristicas internas de un curriculum vitae the subject of race implicitly contains a strong element of social division, but the only way to fight for a real, solid, integrated national culture is by not ignoring it.

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After that a long period of silence ensued. Only by openly dealing with the question can we put an end to the ignorance, cynicism, and hypocrisy that still lie below the surface when the question of race is discussed.

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Cuba is not Sweden or Holland. We should no longer acquiesce in avoiding the subject of race in order to maintain a form of harmonious social coexistence, because that is a false harmony, riddled with hypocrisy and prone to making concessions to racism and discrimination, as well as a context in which those who choose to maintain their prejudices and discrimination will always be able to find some place to do so.


As a direct result of that, the subject of race has become the most avoided and ignored topic thesis about cafeteria food our social reality. See also the magazine Catauro, n. Essay motorways article originally appeared in Spanish in Temas No. And we cannot expect that in a little less than a half-century since its triumph, the Revolution could fully lift them out of their situation of inferiority.

With a certain amount of help white escapes from poverty and his color helps him escape being discriminated against for being poor. In the Americas slavery took the form of color.

In the majority of cases they have a Manichean and stereotyped vision of the most important aspects of that history.