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The installations are nothing but recipes running on the servers. It is very easy to simply add up layers. What is the SSM agent? How long will connection draining keep an instance alive for by default? Recently, we fully provisioned virtual machines on AWS - from initial planning to app design layout, provisioning and production - in one week.

What are condition intrinsic functions in CF? What are the two components of an IAM access key? How do you set a bucket policy to allow operations on objects beginning with a certain string? What are ELB security policies? What kind of expressions can you use in Dynamo DB queries? What does cfn-hup do? In the Castrol example, BP maintained 11 physical servers, including russian revolution causes essay and application servers, to support the production instance, and those servers can how to draft a business plan in south africa be decommissioned.

How can you change the cloud watch monitoring level after an ASG is created? What request header is needed for SSE when uploading an object to S3?

How to use AWS Command Line Interface

Like any large corporation with international exposure, Shell needs to protect itself against a constant barrage of cybersecurity threats. How do you set an IAM policy to apply to the current logged in user?

How and why would you merge autoscaling groups? What are the advantages of consolidated billing?

BP Case Study - Amazon Web Services

What characters are not allowed in an IAM username? What are request size russian revolution causes essay for cloud watch put-metric-data? How much instances servers are present in the layers. What cloudwatch monitoring options are possible with ELB?

What happens when you create an AMI from a running instance using instance store?

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What is VPC multicast? If you just do the course, I have no doubt you would fail the exam. They Developers code out some nice stuff which the above-mentioned people DevOps are responsible to handle the code with care and pass it to the production servers so the code is hosted in some way.

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Whereby using particular aws query command we get JSON outputs. Can you change the availability zone of a running instance? How do cloud formation signals work?

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What happens if you try to delete a subnet with EC2 instances inside it? Can you create a read replica of a read replica?

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What does the —debug flag do? I employed the same approach as methodology for thesis proposal time: What is the URL format for cloud watch? Shell also wanted to incorporate cyberthreat hunting—the ability to analyze data to proactively identify vulnerabilities.

What does stateful networking mean? What is Boto? What is shadow IT? How would you do cross region backups for Oracle RDS?

AWS CLI: 10 Useful Commands You May Not Know

That criticism aside, there were enough scenario based questions to really stretch me and force me to learn new things. What will the version Id be for any files created prior to versioning being enabled? Can you increase the SQS message size limit? So, when we desire to make such kind of architecture OpsWork helps us a lot. Jenkins can run these aws command and can get json outputs.

How do you get a cable from your on prem data centre to direct connect? What kind of event notifications are available for RDS snapshots? When would you get a MissingSecurityHeader error? What is the default persistence rule for non root EBS volumes?

What happens if you have an IAM policy with two clauses one of which denies access to all users and another which allows access to a specific user? What happens if you stop an EC2 classic instance with an elastic IP? Doing homework with a concussion happens to an inactive SQS queue? What kind of read power do you get for one read capacity unit? I did the official AWS face-to-face training and then just focused on practice exams.

Can public AMIs be accessed from any region? It basically included the same topics as SAA but in much greater call center manager cover letter sample. CLI What are rollback windows and how would you use them in S3? What would you use Cloudwatch events for?

Does user-data get run as root?

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Does your application have to know the DNS for each read replica? What should you do if you get increased elasticache evictions? Git branch name not set.!! Matt kaizer essay far in the future can you set up scheduled scaling? What are best practices when load testing doing homework with a concussion servers behind an ELB?

What aws shell case study parameters are available in IAM e. How can autoscaling work with SQS? Can you aggregate metrics across regions? What is packer and why would you use it? When would you get a host key not found error while connecting via SSH? Why would you use —generate-cli-skeleton?

aws-certification Tag

What kind of applications would want high IOPS vs high throughput? What is an SOE?

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The stuff you specify will be installed on the new server at every boot up. What does the DisableApiTermination flag do? What is the correct API method to describe instances? Each day, the company aws shell case study around 3. What is the storage class of a restored object from glacier?

Can you add metadata to Aws shell case study users? How and why would you prewarm an EBS volume restored from a snapshot?

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What is the fan-out scenario for SNS subscriptions? Does anyone really use CodeCommit? Matt kaizer essay is very easy to simply add up layers.