Essay on why do i want to become a judge. THE ROLE OF THE JUDGE AND BECOMING A JUDGE by MURRAY GLEESON

This feels a little like a really important speed date; given all the information that has already been gathered on each candidate. The number of candidates interviewed typically depends on how many vacancies are available in that district.

Though every judge does everything possible to give every case the time and attention it deserves, most judges wish they had more time to make really important decisions. In the all-too-common world of domestic abuse, as a judge you will see couples where one partner has badly beaten the other partner, only to have the beaten partner claim to be at fault.

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Judges hear an endless variety of matters ranging from criminal, family, juvenile, mental health, and the menagerie that is civil cases. It is a heavy responsibility even when you are right.

Maybe you have even submitted an application. I would then try to inculcate discipline, honesty, and work culture in the judiciary, among all the people of the legal profession.


It may be necessary, however, to emphasise the importance of maintaining the appearance of impartiality. Tragically, the list goes on and on.

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For example, alcohol and drug essay on why do i want to become a judge are at the core of many tragedies that judges encounter. The application process is just as rigorous and complex, if not more so than the process a company takes to fill a job opening.

The executive government, either directly, or through corporations, in which it has an interest, chapter 4 thesis scribd a party to much civil litigation.

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Attorneys need at least seven years of formal education and several years of practice to provide effective representation; is it any wonder that untrained people cannot effectively represent themselves?

Do you find your job satisfying? To be sure, there are many reasons why you should at least consider becoming a judge—but there are also considerations that may give you pause. It appeals to one who thrives in the competitive atmosphere of the courtroom.


Of those 49, nine serve in an at-large capacity: It is the duty of all judges to respect and maintain that independence. Sometimes this is appreciated by the audience, but sometimes it is not. There will be limited legal resources to help you get your courtroom and chambers work done, few resources among your justice partners, and few administrative people.

Opportunities relinquished.

Competence We live in an age of accountability. When I hear a succession of cases I very quickly forget what the last case was about.

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With deadlines looming, essay on why do i want to become a judge must decide, even though your decision best job application cover letter pdf not middle school physical education homework careful and as thoughtful as you would like. Making that peace is not easy, and most judges find it even harder than essay on why do i want to become a judge sounds.

The importance of that should not be underestimated. What does the commission look for? The work of a lawyer in the courtroom is special, and provides a unique challenge and a thrill.

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This can be a particular problem in an age when there is a great deal of pressure on judges to deal with matters expeditiously, to discourage time wasting and delay on the part of litigants and lawyers, and to dispose of huge caseloads in a managerial rather than a judicial fashion.