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These include: Schwartz helps nonprofits succeed through effective marketing.

Want to hear more? Step Four: What do you think of the result in essay about war against drugs above case study on renaming an existing brand? Larry Page and Serge Brin's technology went on to revolutionise the search industry, renaming their business and technology "Google" in These include: LG and Lucky Goldstar Korean consumer electronics manufacturer Lucky Goldstar shortened its name to "LG" in to create a corporate identity more suitable for an international marketplace.

The most instructive rebranding case studies of all time – part 2

CHALLENGE The challenge is to keep the confidentiality of the project and the shortlisted names secret, to prevent third parties from registering them before we do and trying to key features of a business plan them to us later. Step Two: Proactive, engaging communications strategy to launch the new name.

If you know the change is right, just ignore the noise. This is how it unfolded: Two passed legal, and both were submitted to customers for feedback a mini-focus group. With the help of a powerful and dedicated Interbrand team, the naming process was soon underway.

How a Nonprofit Name Change Generated Attention and Momentum (Case Study)

Not to mention shaking off the burden of having "dot-com" in their corporate name. Updating of all voicemail messages, and the script for answering the phone. First of all, the company secured a substantial budget to not only replace all brand assets but also to run awareness-building marketing activities.

But when the organization dramatically changed the type of issue-based organizations it works with, renaming became a must Green Media Toolshed is now officially Netcentric Campaigns.

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We have confirmed no prior rights existed on the selection with regards to trademarks, we now need to make sure the corresponding domains are available or, if they are not, recover them at the best financial conditions. INT Media Group internet. Why is it an interesting case?

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Initially, the newly created company was called CGNU but the market research pecking order theory thesis that a new name was needed. Hibernian first rebranded name change case study Hibernian Aviva, and later to Aviva.

Instead, the change energized audiences, generating a lot of feedback, much of it positive. You see, no one really cares if you change your name, or your messages or launch a new website.

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So McFadden and her colleagues applied for, and secured, pro bono assistance from the Interbrand a leading branding lord of the flies essay questions pdf Foundation. Airtran Airways ValueJet Airlines An Atlanta-based budget airline which boomed from until grounded in following a crash in lord of the flies ralph analysis essay Everglades.

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All rights reserved. It wanted to inspire people to travel more, not by encouraging them to see new places and visit famous tourist attractions, but by promising that they will feel at home everywhere.

Highlighted on the LM website via a headline on every page on the site. In the UK, for example, Aviva announced the new name with a campaign, in which Ringo Star, Bruce Willis, Elle Macpherson and Alice Cooper shared stories how changing their names influenced their careers.

Case Studies

Name change announcement flyer in all direct mail pieces fundraising, event invitations, etc. For domains that were already taken, SafeBrands offered a specific recovery strategy for each case third party with a prior right, cybersquatted name,….

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Today, we take a look at two more case studies, which we believe every marketer planning a rebranding should be aware of, as they provide great insight. After much competitive benchmarking, it was evident that the category was saturated with literal names, along with several synthesized names, but few quality metaphorical names.

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If you want to hire Magda for a brand strategy-related project, email her at: Over taglines were developed. The company wanted to build a sense of belonging among its users and saw itself more as a community than a technology business. You choose.

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Aviva Aviva is one of the biggest insurance companies in the world. Share your experiences and retweet, facebook like, and more with others! The tagline strongly delivers the positioning of superior data mining.

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You are here: How can I anticipate my protection against cybersquatting? The roll-out of the new brand name change case study in all over the world except for the three most profitable countries. In-depth organizational probing.

  • It is also a textbook example of how a rebranding process should be carried out.
  • Aviva and Airbnb are two of the most instructive rebranding case studies of all time.

Focused audience research, with current audiences and those the Fund wanted to reach in the future.