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A teacher has the direct opportunity to make a difference, to change the future. It shall be my aim as a doctor to make no difference between the rich and the poor. It does the moral training of the people. I will create a family atmosphere in the school and will teach my students as Gurus did in ancient times.

They can take any individual and make them believe, truly believe, that their hopes and dreams are within their reach. Essay No. A teacher alone can impart the right type of education and make the students ideal citizens.

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Years after, when I have made enough money, I would build a home for the sick I would collect about me a band of workers and hand over the home to them a d quietly retire from life. Accordingly, I have also a high aim of life, though I do not know how far I would be able to realize it.

One should have a definite purpose in life.

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Every year the toll of plague, small pox and other epidemics is very heavy among these medically desolate masses of humanity the villagers. There are people who have a craze to become poets, writers and novelists. I consider it the noblest profession among all and My aim in life is to become a teacher.

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The aim of life varies from person to person. I wish to serve my country with the best of my talent.

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Right aim means right life and wrong aim means a wrong life. H is the best teacher of the universe. Whether I succeed or fail in my aim, I shall never make wealth or power the end of my life. Order now I searched my plus and minus side of intelligence and knew that I have difference between argumentative and persuasive essay strong memory power.

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  • My aim is to help such people.
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I believe that teacher, individually and collectively, have the ability to not change the world, but to improve it. Many people have no definite aim in their life. Such people lead an aimless life and what they do in life, is largely a matter of chance, determined by the circumstances in which they happened to be placed.

I want to help other people and bring happiness to their Lives.

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I desire to make the students realize how important they are. If law appeals, to some, army has attraction for others. Naturally, I have to face several difficulties in my life. There are various professions. There are, however some persons who do not plan their careers.

I do not want to be a intro paragraph for a persuasive essay.


They are like the travelers going ahead without any destination. After I become a doctor I shall try to contribute my mite to the struggle against the epidemics which are ravaging the villages of India.

Essay on “My Aim in Life” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes. Let me tell you at once that I want to become a good doctor.

He teaches the students and makes them able to stand on their peer review analytical essay feet on hence play their part day spa business plan sample society. Some aim at wealth, some at power, some at fame, some at business and some at education and knowledge.

A few are lured to pursue their career in anti-social activates. While deciding our aim or choosing a career, we have to hope for the best and get prepared for the worst.

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I want to change this trend. My aim is how do you conclude an argumentative essay serve my country. I really feel that I can serve my fellowmen by becoming a teacher. Petrol station business plan in south africa columbia mfa creative writing deadline ambitious people want either to be famous or rich, so they aim to become a businessman, Lawyer, Bureaucrats etc.

Let me tell you at once that I want to become a good doctor. They can change the world with the world just short essay about my aim in life the power of the pen. They select some definite target of their life and remain successful.

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An excellent teacher goes the extra mile. They keep before them their circumstances, their difficulties encountered in thesis writing, their talents and their ability to work.

I will elaborate this one in my next essay. I score also well in science subject. My aim is neither wealth nor fame. I shall never run after the bubble of fame.

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I will set high goals as a teacher and do my best to show each and every student that these goals are within their reach. I wanted to do things that unite my soul and Body with the power of pacification. Teaching is not like the other professions in which there is a race for money, and everybody is greedy for it, but it is a profession of mental solace and pacification.

If teachers are efficient and serve as torch-bearers to the students, our democracy will have a bright future.

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It is because I judged my strength and I gave priority to my choice. But that is not saying much about my aim in life. When this section of society is educated, comparison-contrast essay about public and private schools will have a totally different society. I have the ambition to become a teacher because I want to short essay about my aim in life the people.

I fill try my best to make the students good citizens. Best mfa creative writing programs, when I saw little children, dying with small diseases, due to lack of care, I depress as well as motivated to avoid such cases in Future.

Different people have different aims. But my aim is not to become a mercenary doctor. I do not want to run after money, nor after cheap fame or popularity.

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All the people on the planet have their own way of thinking and choosing things. However, my mindset is not like everyone. He can mould the destiny, shape the future and can ennoble the minds of the students who are the wealth, pride and future of the country.

They just live because they have to live. Success in my profession will be of little importance to me unless it is governed by my higher moral progress. My role model is Dr. I want the best for everyone. Short essay about my aim in life want children to learn in a safe and comfortable environment so that their self-esteem will be increased.

It does the moral training of the people. Greatness in teaching is just as rare as greatness in medicine, dance, law, or any other profession. As the man is columbia mfa creative writing deadline best among the creations, he has given a right to choose what he wants to do. So that India day spa business plan sample good citizens to take it on the how does thesis statement help of progress and prosperity in which everyone has a dignified life full of equality of opportunities.

Many want to become a doctor to help humanity; a lot of people wants to become engineers an help nation in industry, agriculture and other variety of stuff.

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He can inculcate refined qualities in the young minds and create patriotic fervor in them. My aim is to make possible the cure such diseases that yet considered un-treatable.

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I will have the privilege of shaping future parents and productive members of society. Only then I would retire from active service. I have a dream to inaugurate the new roads for research that will prove not only beneficial for young aspirants but also helpful in raising the status of my country. He does not command the respect he deserves.

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