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It also allows students to describe and justify their thinking. Spring, Summer, Art, Winter, Problem. Could we have some on angles too please?

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Give the children cameras to record their findings and share these with others, once back in the classroom. We love it here at Youcubed and every time we have used it people walk away celebrating the challenge and their mistakes!

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EekoWorld EekoCreature Create your own creature! Being able to visualise is the key to success in 3D geometry and the problems Shadow Play and Cut Nets offer other valuable contexts in which to practise this skill.

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Cut Nets Age 7 to 11 Challenge Level: This might help renaissance essay sample their ability to visualise. How lovely that you have compiled such a great resource to help teachers and pupils. The short web address is: Pupils should be taught to estimate volume [for example, using 1 cm3 blocks to build cuboids including cubes ] and capacity [for example, using water] more The Great Dodecahedron: I always teach the children the strategy: A cylinder?

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Apply formulae for the volumes and surface areas of cylinders to answer a wide variety of questions Dice Net Challenge: How many yellow cubes are needed? Air Nets Age 7 to 18 Challenge Level: Weekly Problem 41 - The diagram shows the net of a cube.

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Pupils should be taught to use the properties of faces, surfaces, edges and vertices of cubes, cuboids, prisms, cylinders, pyramids, cones and spheres problem solving activities 3d shapes solve problems in 3-D more I set it as an optional piece of work for my year 11's over a weekend and one girl came up with 3 independant solutions.

Discuss why they are different and why they are the same. This linked really well and prompted a discussion about learning styles and short term memory.

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Could we have some on angles too please? Can Jo make a gym bag for her trainers from the piece of fabric she has?

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The variety of material is interesting and exciting and always engages the teacher and pupils. Sid the Science Kid Vegetable Ejemplo curriculum vitae docente One well known story about him happened after the he misbehaved in primary school. Activity Finder: Thanks for such a great resource!

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Lots of good ideas for starters. What are platonic solids and why are there only five of them? We use them for all age groups and abilities.

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The teacher plays the role of the skeptic and asks students to justify how they know their shape satisfies its defined characteristics. How close will you come to a solution? Lots of interesting discussions and questions have arisen out of the activities.

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Patterns, Pascal's triangle, investigating, organize findings Bonus Computational Thinking by Polyup Grades Polyup is a free and open computational thinking playground where students can experiment with numbers and functions. This is a simple interactive that does nothing more than allow you to create 3D drawings of models made with cubes.


Use formulae to solve problems involving the volumes of cuboids, cones, pyramids, prisms and composite solids. Analysing the polyhedra in this way and getting to grips with the associated vocabulary will equip children with the confidence to talk clearly and easily about three dimensional problems. What other factors do I need to consider? Allow children to print with 3D shapes, problem solving activities 3d shapes 2D images of the faces on the 3D shape.

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In tackling problem solving activities 3d shapes problem, knowledge of the properties of a tetrahedron is essential, but almost immediately other questions come to mind. Is it possible to have a tetrahedron whose six edges have lengths 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 units?

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Age 11 to 16 Challenge Level: Suggested Yes No Questions A game to determine the mathematical item by asking questions that can only be answered yes or no. Puzzle Cube Net: