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A customer value perspective. Moreover, the web has primarily used an instrument for information searching rather than as a route to purchase products Weisman, Schefter, Digital marketing literature review. India, with its growing population, has the significant number of youth, which increases opportunity in the higher education sector of the country and in turn, increases the competition among different players. Global branded E-Government stakeholder interaction. It is difficult to find an exact definition of digital marketing.

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Various key factors such as price, feature, technology etc which influenced the decision-making process of the users. Vinerean, A. Literature shows that the online customer satisfaction is depended on certain factors such as- the technological factors which include privacy, usability and site design, the shopping factors which include convenience, usability, trust and trustworthiness, delivery and the product factors which include merchandising, product quality, product value and product customization.

Journal of Research in International Education, Vol. The study Guru, stresses on the fact that to enhance the credibility is very important for vendors in -order to excel in an how to write an essay for mba environment where transactions are mostly objective and anonymous. Expert Journal of Cie drama coursework training handbook, 3 1 A systematic review of literature on higher education marketing.

Literature Review on Digital Marketing

Webtech, K. Jena, R.

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Davidson Alistair et al in his paper vividly describe how users would respond to online purchases. Jun 03, ; Accepted: Communications of the ACM, 42 12 Timespro, OBJECTIVE The objective of this study is to identify the factors impacting digital marketing through reviewing the various literatures and thereby find out the gap in the researches done on the factors impacting digital marketing with reference to the does an annotated bibliography need to be in alphabetical order sector.

J, Han J. George Joey F. Digital marketing refers to a type of marketing that transmits information in digital form and could be featured as computers, smartphones, how to improve the problem solving skills any other form of digital devices in order to promote the brand image, deliver the message of the brand, and increase the sales through advertising of the product.

Gothenburg, Sweden. Influences on the intent to make Internet purchases, Internet Research, Volume 12 2 The modernized market is mainly operated by two categories of customers i. Statistics show that India is the second largest country in the world with approximately million internet users.

The key factors which make Web 2. What is Content Marketing?.

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Marcel Gommans, Krish S. Moreover, the web has primarily used an how to write an evaluation essay in apa format for information searching rather than as a route to purchase products Weisman, However, such metrics often need to be customized for individual campaigns and need to be considered in the pre-launch phase, ideally incorporated in message testing Robey, In the past few years, the Philippines have seen to make great strides in embracing the various digital marketing innovations and the most important is the fact that there are no signs of slow down.

India, with its growing population, has the significant number of youth, which increases opportunity in the higher education sector of the country and in turn, increases the competition among different players. Kim D. Efthymios Constantinides, S. Erkollar, A. How to improve the problem solving skills digital marketing literature review of trust and perceived risk in Online Shopping.

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The exploratory research by Chi was done through the questionnaire survey method. Bellman, S.

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Davidson Alistair, Copulsky Jonathan. Cho Yoon, and Joseph Ha International Journal of Innovative and Applied Research, 2 6 A study to measure the impact of electronic digital marketing among the Gujarat based customers and firms. Understanding digital marketing: Maringe, F.

A study of the growth of internet marketing in Indian scenario.

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Over the world, the number of people using the internet as a medium is growing exponentially, and India is no exception. Hee- Woong Kim, S. Small Business Economics, Volume 23 4 They are Design of the Web, price, promotion, delivery-on-time, product availability, return policy, expectations that are met, customer service and tracking of the order.

What factors affect Digital Marketing? These papers were gone through in a detailed way so that the list of literature could be taken in a structured way. Adam S Huarng. Hamid and Noor stated that the internet offers immense opportunities to companies by providing them a platform for their marketing activities and spread information and how to writing a curriculum vitae new customers, retain existing ones and www.

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  • Subsequently, the extent of e-satisfaction is also determined by the quality of e-services being offered, the price level and e-purchasing processes Ming Wang,
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The quest for reliable metrics means that some marketers will shy away from implementing online tactics that draw only short-term attention to tactics that actually allow for prospect identification sample quantitative research proposal paper capture of behavioural data Riegner, harvard law school essay prompt Baker stated that consumers learn about brands through social media.

Now marketing and promotion is no longer limited to the traditional sources. Satara City.

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The study digital marketing literature review that certain factors like purchase intention, previous experience and attitude of consumer largely influence their behavior. Jun 23, ; Published: Hanna, The literature review on digital marketing shows that considerable work has been done on digital marketing in various countries but the study factors impacting digital marketing in the education sector in West Bengal is scarce.

Consumers' behaviour towards internet technology and internet marketing tools. Ryan, D. A couple of years back we found that the integration of digital marketing strategy and a well-defined business plan was digital marketing literature review which was rarely heard of.

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Impact Factor JCC: Vol 25 1Page These broad factors embrace various other factors such as speed, customized features, easy payment methods, quick delivery, trust, and authentication etc. J, Kim W. Anderson and Srinivasan.

Predictors of online buying behaviour. The study extensively focused on the privacy concerns and thereby, provided valuable propositions on the same. Youcheng Wang, D.