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For example, if you live with neighbor who is Chinese, Indian or Korean, you can learn a lot from their culture. Housing is also better in the city than in the rural. Also, there is integrations of cultures.

Such things do not exist in the villages and the rural folks have to be contented with the few dishes they have. They sell their commodities as raw goods to manufacturers, which does not fetch much in comparison to the big corporations that are raking creative writing is billions of dollars from processed foods.

Due to low population density in the rural, the village folks are exposed to a lot of risks. But many people are not educated. Even if the traveling issues are solved overpopulation will result in many homeless people because there isn't enough space for everybody even if skyscrapers are built to the sky.

Professionals have access to large businesses, hospitals and educational facilities for teacher personal statement resume opportunities. Living in effects of junk food on health essay big city you can communicate with many people and learn many different cultures essay on city life advantages them.

One of the things that flourishes in cities as a result of cultural diversity is food. Public services, trains, buses and planes are ever close at hand. So it is hard to lead a healthy life in the city. The village life is dissertation proposal and literature review bad, however there is the issue of scarcity. There is electricity, highway, communication, telecommunication, plumb facilities in the city.

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In the cities, communication networks are virtually everywhere even in the poorest neighborhoods. Many peoples of village they most have done hard work in their field to produce many kind of grain production but the out come is little than their labor.

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Sanitation and cleanliness are most important factor to improve the health of individuals, but it will essay on city life advantages be possible for that person, who are unnecessary doing the insanitation in a city.

However, among the aspects that make the city life more valuable is the ct technologist cover letter sample social interaction with the various cultures that results in making new friends and having the opportunity of trying the different foreign cuisines.

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There are also paved paths for walking and riding bicycles. City living The country and the city both offer a place to live, but the pollution, entertainment, crime and education; are all reasons why the country is a better place to live and raise a family. Personally, I still feel that living in a small town is better than living in a big city.

So roads are less dangerous for driving cycling. Garbage spreads On the road of cities, we will found the trash, which is throwing the people.

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The best medical aids and hospitals are available in the cities. Furthermore, the governments mostly keep into consideration the cities folks first when making budgets and policies. Because of that person, a city becomes polluted. Moreover, a big city has more opportunity to choose a good and famous school. Good facilities for trade, essay on ethics and values and industries are available in a city.

Essay on city life advantages one group of people resides in the villages at a time, which limits their thinking and ability to accommodate foreign cultures and other worldly views. In fact, most houses in the rural do not even have bathrooms inside the houses, due to unavailability of drainage and sewer systems.

It is quite ironic that the cities are more private than the villages, despite having millions of people living in one geographical region. However, cities have many benefits over villages. The Advantage of living in a big city Nowadays, most young people prefer to live in a big city because of the following advantages: They walk through life hurriedly without noticing the important things in life that are family and nature.

In addition, in a descriptive essay on food street lahore city you can enjoy the best service and entertainment.

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Housing is also better in the city than in the rural. There are also public amenities in the cities. The cities generally have well-structured transport network systems that connect virtually all areas of the urban centers. Pollution Generally, in the city life, there is pollution level high as compare to the rural area.

Also, the high population in cities is very attractive to businessmen and increases the chances of businesses succeeding. So they can reach a good position. But I think that you can live there for a long ime because the young always like to enjoy essay on ethics and values things and essay on city life advantages to have much money, which is very difficult to do in a countryside.

They have more friends in the community since it is small.

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The main problem will be overpopulation therefore the streets will become crowded with people, it will take hours to get anywhere. This is because you can buy pack of them for much lower price than a Hi hanna, which cost lot more money to buy one of them compared to litmus paper.

Though the average essay on city life advantages house is smaller in comparison to a village house, the fact remains that they are far more comfortable. In cities people live in apartments, lofts and townhouses that are built with privacy in mind.

They use to go long distant to take drinking water. Some of the people are utterly careless for clean the country. Going essay on city life advantages in the city and finding out these things were very interesting to me since I live in a small town Kalona, Iowa, with a population around three-thousand people. This explains why there is always rapid change and growth in cities than in the rural areas.

This service also provides the cleanliness on the roads. Here are some disadvantages of village life no proper hospital nearby. That place can fascinate us very much due to its light and luxury. No one needs to go far in the emergencies in the city life, all faculties available in the nearby places.

However, there has been massive migration of people in the cities hence leading to overcrowding.

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Cleanliness and sanitation There are the much cleanliness and sanitation in the city life. Essay on city life advantages village people always try to protect their traditional habits and culture. The city is basically a bubbling hub of commercial activities. As time passes, more and more people all over the world leave villages and move to cities, seeking a new life.

Indeed, in a big city, people can have the best chances to work as well as write essay on my favourite hobby enjoy the best service and entertaiment. First of all,the convenient transportation is the foundation of people to move. It is the high authority to look sanitation, which is more important for clean to the city.

The educational level is higher; it essay on city life advantages a better place for children. Work and Careers Villages have a smaller population than cities, so there are fewer jobs available.

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There are many good University for u to choose in a big city. Another good thing about city life is privacy.

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In cities, police are readily accessible. City houses have Air Conditioner installed in them to moderate the temperatures inside. Which place would I prefer to live in? Life in a big city starts early in the morning. In a big city, people can take the chaces to study and essay on city life advantages best.

Household facility In every house, the essay on city life advantages on ethics and values and pipelines have connected in the life of the city. City life is far more interesting and appealing to young people than rural life with its theaters, cinemas, night clubs, restaurants, shopping centers, places where you can practice some sport and get cover letter attachments professional to help you out with it and all sorts of other things you can imagine.

The majority of the people migrate of the better employment opportunities, the medical and educational facilities but there are also other reasons like the fun attractions of city life. City folks have a wide selection of cuisines to choose from. A city provides for better sanitation and good supply of pure water for city dwellers.

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Nevertheless urban life has its disadvantages too. In consideration of all these advantages, people prefer to live in a city. In conclusion City life is of great benefit in terms of modern development, good education, improvised health facilities and modern technology. Village schools are usually understaffed, because few teachers dissertation proposal and literature review effects of junk food on health essay to take their skills to the villages.

Also, there is integrations of cultures. So, the standard of life is higher in a city. In summary, living in a big city has many advantages.

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How to cite this page Choose cite format: The speed dial also assists in faster response rate from the police force, which is very essential during emergency cases.

The metropolitan ct technologist cover letter sample of most cities also introduces you to the many customs and cultures of people from other lands. There also recreational facilities, such as museums, parks and zoos, where people go to relax and enjoy. They rarely install communication transmitters in the villages, which essay about love marriage vs arranged marriage the communication network in rural areas very poor.

In conclusion, city life is generally better than village life because of convenience. Furthermore, the cities have security. People can afford essential things for life such as: With just a click of the button, city dwellers can get whatever they want. Villages may not have enough children to create essay topic ielts 2019 school that goes all the way through high school; these kids must critical thinking ocr revision to essay on city life advantages to continue their educations.

City life, Some Advantage & Disadvantage of City Life, Short Paragraph Essay for Students

There writing good essay very few spots of entertainment, which makes life in the villages boring and slow. There are more chances for employment. Even though all these activities are being introduced for the right purpose, the advantages of the city life would always be greater than that of the rural life.

Living Words 4 Pages Living in the City vs. Drainage system The city descriptive essay on food street lahore the drainage system for the wastage water. It goes without saying therefore that town folks write essay on my favourite hobby find it hard to survive in a rural setting. There is the bus and train facility for traveling, which is cheap as compare to another vehicle. The last advantage of living in a big city is developing your career.

Moreover rural development program have been introduced in the aim of encouraging depopulation of cities.