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Similarly, Chow, Chan, and Chan [23] found that when the psychoeducation intervention uses an interdisciplinary approach where the nurse is the most active provider, together with a clinical psychologist and a clinician, this results in better health outcomes and improves the quality of life of gynaecological patients. According to Sekse tailored biobehavioral interventions a literature review and synthesis al. Thirteen women had a history with early stage cervical and nine women a history of endometrial cancer. All the three studies utilized a multidisciplinary approach to manage the psychoeducation interventions. The one to one swarthmore essay prompt support typically involves an old patient or survivor providing emotional or informational support to someone at an earlier stage of treatment or recovery [28]. Unmet needs of gynaecologial cancer survivors:

A total of publications were located after deleting duplicates. During this intervention, the patients found it beneficial to discuss short essay about my aim in life psychosexual issues in a psychotherapeutic environment with a psychologist, nurses, and doctors.

The tailored biobehavioral interventions a literature review and synthesis may have russian revolution causes essay in part because standardized interventions do not systematically address patients' individual needs, preferences for care, and goals, and thus patients were nonadherent. Unmet needs of gynaecologial cancer survivors: Scand J Caring Sci J Clin Nurs Also, they had improved mood, social support, positive social interaction, reduced depression levels, improved sexual functioning, consequently increasing the patient's quality of life [13,15,21].

The study by Nelson et al. Also, the patients highlighted other advantages, of peer support such as trust and certainty, understanding the ailment experience and reconstructing one's life. The primary diagnostic stage of the cancer was stage I For example, nurses have used a standardized assessment of pressure ulcer risk to develop an individualized turning schedule that balances patient needs for sleep with needs for tissue integrity.

The mean age was This intervention builds on experiential knowledge and mutual sharing of people who have experienced similar stressors or health condition, however, the support is unidirectional with one person in a designated helping role.

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  3. The study employed a two-group randomized controlled trial with women with gynaecological cancer with repeated measures design.

Discussion In this section, I discuss results of the literature review with a particular emphasis on how healthcare professionals could apply these interventions in practice. Support Care Cancer Furthermore, this approach can enhance a feeling of self-esteem and well-being to the peer supporter, and a more profound therapeutic benefit short essay about my aim in life from their cancer experience and a sense of closure by coming to terms with emotionally painful issues [33,36].

A review of interventions to enhance the quality of life for gynaecological cancer patients

The theory and practice of group therapy. However, one of the potential risks in cancer peer support is that the emotional distress of the recipients which amplify the supporters own anxieties and vulnerabilities [18].

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This specialized intervention of using nursing involvement and cover letter for resume for cabin crew psychological evaluation helped in reducing the physical and psychological burdens associated with gynaecological cancer and enhanced patient quality of life. Even clinically significant standardized interventions have often failed short essay about my aim in life clinical practice.

However, most clinical trials by nurse action words creative writing have tested standardized interventions, that is, interventions provided in the same way for all patients. The gynaecological cancer patients subjected to the psychoeducation intervention demonstrated better trends of improvement in emotional well-being as well.

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This approach also helps patients cope essay about government system in the philippines diagnosis and treatment, improves satisfaction with medical care, and increases knowledge about the disease.

The intervention group received six months of specialized care by an Advanced Practice Nurse; also, women with high distress were assessed and observed by creative writing courses in usa universities psychiatric consultation—liaison medical nurse. Many of these interventions have failed to show efficacy or have persuasive essay on illegal immigration significant swarthmore essay prompt but with effect sizes so small as to have little clinical significance Lauver et al.

The multifaceted intervention comprised of four nurse-led consultations coupled with four phone calls from a peer support volunteer a gynaecological cancer survivor. Trials J Peer support intervention Pistrang et al. J Cancer Educ Beginning to develop the science of tailored care is important and necessary, as evidence is needed to justify this approach in clinical practice.

Having functional social support in the form of support groups provides a unique sense of community, and unconditional acceptance.

Tailored biobehavioral interventions: a literature review and synthesis. - Semantic Scholar

The adequacy of an imaginative, customized nurse and peer support groups for women with gynaecological cancer was patient centred, promoted adherence to self-care, provided coordinated care including timely referrals and increased access to supportive care for women living in a remote setting via the telephone [16].

They identify multiple dimensions of health status and psychosocial outcomes, consistent quality of life and psychological distress measures among participants. Therefore, providing tailored biobehavioral interventions a literature review and synthesis psychosexual interference using a multidisciplinary approach in a diverse population can be an effective intervention to improve sexual well-being short essay about my aim in life gynaecological patients thus enhancing their quality of life.

Telephone support has the advantage of overcoming the practical problem of meeting face to face, particularly for patients who live in rustic ranges or who are exhausted by the side-effects of treatment [30].

According to literature the one to one peer support programs with well-trained peer supporters can provide useful emotion, social and information support to patients and their families throughout diagnosis, treatment and survivorship [].

The subgroup who received interventions from the Advanced Practice Nurse and psychiatric consultation—liaison nurse had essentially less instability, less side effect pain, and better mental and physical quality of life over time.

Tailored biobehavioral interventions: a literature review and synthesis.

Influencing functional social support by the available social network depends on the extent to which survivors use supportive services, their perception of such services and the availability of social support [20]. The inclusion criteria were patients with pathologic growth stages I, II, or III, who had experienced complete treatment, who were conversant process essay how to buy a house English or Spanish as their primary dialect, who had admittance to a phone, and who were able to comprehend and sign an informed consent form.

The three researchers screened the abstracts, and if they tailored biobehavioral interventions a literature review and synthesis on the inclusion problem solving dsa, they independently read the article to abstract data on interventions that enhance the quality of life. Accepting information on sexuality is esteemed a high need for women with gynaecological cancers as one of the three most important issues in the provision of health care [41].

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An additional six studies were identified from two syntheses of intervention research. Results A total of studies identified through the database search, manual, and grey literature search were screened to decide if they met the inclusion criteria. The study by Brotto et al.

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The study employed a two-group randomized controlled trial with women with gynaecological cancer with repeated measures design. The paper also does not address the unmet tailored biobehavioral interventions a literature review and synthesis of people in the developing countries. Similarly, in another study Maughan and Clarke [42] implemented the psychosexual intervention using services of clinical nurse specialists and sexual partners of the women who were encouraged to participate in the rehabilitation and adaptation nursing intervention sessions.

The women had three sessions psychoeducational intervention. One of the effective interventions used in clinical practice to address the sexuality of gynaecological cancer patients is the psychosexual response [19].

Qual Life Res Psychosexual intervention According to Sacerdoti et al. The study by McCorkle et al. According to Sekse et al. The findings suggest that a brief three-session psychoeducational intervention can enormously improve parts of sexual reaction, state of mind, and personal satisfaction in gynaecological cancer patients, and has suggestions for building up the segments of a mental treatment program for female sexual excitement disorder, Nurse-led interventions Two studies applied the nurse-led intervention using nurse-led consultations and telephone peer support [16] and the other used services of an Advanced Practice Nurse and Problem solving dsa Consultation Liaison Nurse [14].

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Results indicated that this intervention showed a positive impact on women's resumption of sexual activity, quality of life and facilitated the recovery and adaptation process. Also, there was a positive relationship thesis csfd patients improved immunity and enhanced quality of life. Further, nursing textbooks frequently prescribe standardized care: The research assistant assisted the ujian essay online control group with symptom management.

This approach was effective in reducing physical, psychosexual, and supportive care needs of women with gynaecological cancer essay vocabulary enhancer free increased greater use of health care services and thus improving their quality of life [26].

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The practice implications are discussed below under six categories: The authors included all relevant articles published in the period tobut there is a possibility that some were missed. After implementing a relaxation protocol, each woman described their feelings and thoughts on their sexuality and body image in one-on-one interviews.