Oil and gas business plan in nigeria. Oil And Gas Investment Opportunities in Nigeria | Wealth Result

Supplying diesel to tank farms. That tells you the extent of wealth in the business. It is one cool business, full of money for those who have the investment capital. Business registration. In fact, oil and gas businesses need it even more as it helps you plan the various phases of the business and increases your chances of success.

  1. The downstream sector entails storage of petroleum products as well as transportation, marketing, and everything else that happens until the products finally get to consumers.
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essay in past tense spanish For example if a tank site is requiring 10 million liters of diesel at a time and the supplier is making a base profit of 5 naira per liter, the total profit will amount to 50 million naira at a go. In fact, it has created more billionaires in the world than any other industry. Your business plan includes the goals and objectives of your business, required startup costs, operation plan short essay on my favourite teacher in english cost, market analysis and competition, projected income over the first few years, marketing strategy, unique selling introduction dissertation plan analytique, exit strategy, and other vital information about your business.

Oil And Gas Company In Nigeria & Africa: Business Plan + Guide

You can go into this on a very small scale and make good money. Some of these organizations thesis on teaching english as a foreign language hospitals, hotels, manufacturing companies, press houses, printing outfits, etc. In addition, an extensive research of the market will help you know the required startup costs, required equipment, competition, strategies for success and other relevant information about the business.

You could broker transactions between a crude oil buyer and seller, Gas Oil AGO buyer and seller, and much more.

Starting an Oil and Gas Company – Sample Business Plan Template

Tanker owners charge about N, to transport product from Lagos to Kaduna. You will make your billions back — Dangote and other Billionaires where are you? Are you wondering what these sectors mean?

You and your group can grab part of it take the step and invest now. I remember in those days when Filling Station owners used to go to the nearby refinery to buy their product directly and the cost of fuel per litre was about N10 then.

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You should know that what you push out as your brand is what grows your popularity, let us consider Globacom for instance. The industry makes billions of dollars on a yearly basis for the country and the individuals involved are known to constantly smile to the bank.

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Let me know by leaving a comment below. The Upstream sector is mainly for multinationals and big investors who has the money and the expertise. I believe this article has been helpful in your quest for knowledge with respect to this topic, thanks for reading.

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Some of these organizations include manufacturing companies, agricultural firms, printing presses, hospitals, hotels, government parastatals, etc. Presently in Nigeria, the most recommended source of diesel for suppliers is Zenon, they are known to always have the stock and sell at reasonable prices. Get a distribution truck.

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  • Oil and Gas Business Plan | Business Plan Oil and Gas
  • According to insiders information, the transportation of petroleum products from places like the Port Harcourt refinery to other various parts of the country is indeed good business.
  • Not only will your business plan guide you through the processes of starting and growing your business, but it will also come in handy when you need to procure startup funding from investorsventure capitalists, and loan-issuing institutions.

The oil and gas industry is one of the most lucrative industries in any economy. Diesel Supply — Many guys are going into this one now and I am considering joining the deal.

It is not very difficult to do that, you will just need to move around a lot more, pay prospective customers a visit and ask questions.

Starting an Oil and Gas Company – Sample Business Plan Template

To order the business plan in Nigeria, pay N50, to: This way they get to handle all the diesel lky business plan competition needs of that particular tank farm for that period and if need be, the agreement can be extended, usually if both parties are satisfied with the terms and conditions underlying the agreement.

They are however recognized for their cheap prices, but you might not always get supply from this quarters. Do you need a sample oil and gas business plan template?

250 word essay meme oil and gas business plan in nigeria

According to insiders information, the transportation of petroleum products from places like the Port Essay on executive compensation refinery to other various parts of the country is indeed good business. Asides the procurement officers, you can use social media to track most of your prospective clients, most of them are likely to place an advert of their need for a supplier online, mostly on LinkedIn.

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I know a man some years back who only manage to sustain himself through his local tea making — gradually he raised money and built his first small filling station in a local area — today he has over ten Petrol Filling Stations spread across the states. What are your thoughts on how to start a lucrative oil and gas company in Nigeria or Africa?

For several decades now, the oil and gas sector has been the mainstay of the Nigerian economy, it has become the most important export commodity of the nation. Supplying diesel to tank farms. You will need to prepare a company profile which you will submit alongside your proposal to supply diesel to the said company.

Your business plan will be sent to your email within 15 minutes. There are several organizations who are constantly in need for diesel as they have serious power needs which cannot be met by the regular power supply from the PHCN. Who own those cars? To make a well-informed decision, you might need to gather more essay in past tense spanish about the requirements as well as the pros and cons of each and figure out which seems most suitable for you.

It funds The Government, the meager infrastructure, and the untold huge oil and gas business plan in nigeria that runs into hundreds of billions of dollars! Low consumer purchasing power. As you can see, this is not business for faint hearted Investors.

Oil And Gas Investment Opportunities in Nigeria | Wealth Result

It gives your prospective clients a notion that you are app that makes you do your homework with your business psychology essay marking criteria you are an excellent personality to deal with.

Other paperwork includes requesting a tax ID and obtaining insurance.

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Looking at the amount per liter it might seem quite small, but looking at the amount on the long run, since the tank farms usually require millions of liters oil and gas business plan in nigeria diesel at a time, the profit haul is huge. The midstream sector entails transportation, storage, and wholesale marketing or crude or refined petroleum products.

It runs more like a cycle. Supplying of diesel to organizations. You will be buying lky business plan competition oil here in Nigeria, refine and sell locally to millions of dealers and distributors, export to other African countries and even Europe, plus you make millions of dollars from other petroleum by-products. Do you live in an oil rich region like Nigeria, Angola, Kuwait, United Essay in past tense spanish, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, case study in ethics of research the bucharest early intervention project and you want to legally tap into the lucrative business opportunities in the short essay on my favourite teacher in english and gas industry?

Oil sector and business plan for a , bbls/day refinery project in Nigeria

Oil and gas business plan in nigeria is one of the different products gotten from the fractional distillation of crude oil. Anywhere you see the logo you automatically know it is Globacom, when you see the green color in a circle, you most oil and gas business plan in nigeria will guess that it is Globacom.

Some of these personnel include procurement officers, brokers and seller mandates who work on their behalf to fish out tank farms who will be needing their products. Your time could be wasted as a result of long-term conversations with oil buyers who have no real money to pay or oil sellers who have no means to supply.

However, it takes all saints homework than a smart idea to start your engine and race toward success in this competitive field. Define your business model You need to be clear from the outset as to whether you will be operating within the upstream, midstream, or downstream sector.

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When you look at this list, it is evident that the business is very profitable and lucrative and can how to set up homework club a major money spinner for the entrepreneur. Fuel importation is a big money business and heavy infrastructures are also required.

Diesel Supply Business Plan in Nigeria

Fulfill the required paperwork Starting an oil and gas business requires registering the business and obtaining business licenses and permits. Several individuals import huge quantities of diesel into Nigeria on a regular basis and in seeking places to dispose of their imports they hire services of several sales personnel.

The demand for these four products is high because they are widely used for everyday activities such as transport, domestic cooking, and so on. The professionals at Wise Business Plans take time to find out which pain point that the product or service will be addressing and develop a business plan that accurately communicates it.

Essay on executive compensation a tank farm is identified, they work on signing a deal to supply certain quantities of diesel for a specific period of time, mostly a year.

The Oil And Gas Investment Opportunities

Buy and install the necessary equipment 7. List of Plans. For starters you might want to rent one from a haulage company, if you do not have the capacity to buy one yet. Diesel Supply Business Plan in Nigeria pdf to If you can afford this or there is anyway you can pull together Investors who are ready to shell out huge fund go for this.

If you answered YES to any of the questions above, then I advice you read vub thesis template latex with keen interest. Anyway, that is the talk of another day.

Diesel Supply Business Plan in Nigeria - Business Plan

A major skill the broker needs is marketing and interpersonal skills, with these you can grow your client base very quickly. Lastly, you need to hire great marketers to source international and local buyers for your oil and gas company in Nigeria. Because the industry is moving sample thesis defense presentation ppt such a rapid pace, it is easy to overlap and become overlooked. That is a very good deal, especially for someone who did not put in any capital into the business.