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Herbal medicine serves as an alternative to orthodox medicine by providing quality healthcare delivery to the citizenry. As a consequence, retailers engage in extensive promotional activities by engaging all kinds of media especially radio. Interview guides were used to collect data from the morrill scholarship essay prompt 2019 of herbal retail shops while questionnaires were used to collect data from sampled final consumers of herbal products. At the action level, the prospect takes meaningful action by buying the product. Also, empirical data analysis suggests that Reasons for preferring radio as a medium of advertisement.

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  • Albertisam Enterprise is a small-scale business entity which engages in wholesale and retailing of herbal products in the Volta Region.
  • Does Radio Advertisement Influence Sale of Herbal Products in Ghana? Evidence from Ho Municipality

Radio advertising is an act of creating awareness and increase sales of product or service. Also, it is evident from the study that the majority of herbal product users rely on radio as source of information and radio adverts influence their decisions to purchase radio advertising literature review ol english essay. There are two ways of conducting researcher I. This definition emphasizes the selling purpose of advertising.

The success of such a campaign can be checked by measuring audience preference before and after the campaign.


Callen-Marchione and S. Understand the need of radio advertisement over the media.

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Producers and distributors of herbal products in Ghana should take advantage and develop very attractive radio adverts for the attraction of the consumers. This implies that, as advertising expenditure rises, there is a general corresponding increase in sales.

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In the most firms radio advertising communicate quality and convience of their products while in other firms it also communicates low prize value and use. This is done by using its mobile vans to distribute the products to the various retailers usually on credit basis. Although specific help write an essay online figures are not readily available in the Ghanaian context, the issue is not debatable judging from the overwhelming commercial adverts running on radio stations.

Kotler and K. Advertising therefore disseminates information and helps bridge the information gap between the producer and the consumer Berkowitz, Kerin, Hartley and Rudelius [12] To investigate the relationship between radio advertising and sales performance in the organization under study. Awareness creation is the bare minimum goal of advertising.

An advertisement may target an average of three times. They may wait for more information or plan business plan of dairy product act later.

DeLancey Floyd-Jones wrote to his sister that some residents of Mexico City were worried about the prospect of reprisals and "rather wish that we would hold their Country" because "they know that when we leave Mexico was conquered and colonized by Spain in the early 16th century.

In view of this, all the respondents expect that there will be more radio advertisements for their products by the producers or wholesalers in the future. After the distribution, the company embarks on intensive radio and other forms of advertising with emphasis on the products distributed.

Radio advertising literature review covered ten 10 retail shops which deal in herbal products and forty 40 final consumers of herbal products. In view of the huge listenership that radio communication enjoys, it has become a fertile ground for advertising of goods and services with the aim of improving sales.

Consumers vary greatly in age, income, educational level, mobility patterns radio advertising literature review taste and these greatly affect their behaviour.

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Through advertisement an organization get large market share. Of note however are some extreme values in the scatter plot indicating that there is the likeliness of obtaining a large variability in the data set which cannot be well explained by the independent variable radio advertising expenditure.

Malhotra and D.

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Radio and television advertising became popular when these media came into being in the s and s. Advertising media that reached the final consumer.

Helpful nature of advertisement. The consumer is the user of the product and could be an individual, a household or an organization that buys or acquire goods and services for consumption or for reuse. Received August 4, ; revised September 2, ; accepted September 12, Keywords: Reminder advertising is then used to reinforce previous knowledge of the product and also to assure current consumers that they have made the right choice.

Interview guides were used to collect data from the management morrill scholarship essay prompt 2019 herbal retail shops and questionnaires help write an essay online used to collect data from the consumers of herbal products.

The Effect of Radio Advertising on Buyer Behaviour of Final Consumers This part of the analysis investigated the effect that advertisement has on the purchasing behavior of final consumers of herbal products. Though the radio advertising literature review of advertisement is said to correlate with consumer reaction in terms of awareness creation and patronage, it appears actual purchase does not grow proportionally with advertisement placed.

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The elementary purpose of advertising is to boost sales of a product. The effect of radio advertising on herbal product choice. It attempted to discover what effect radio advertising has on the behaviour of final consumers.

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Data had been collected on sales and their respective radio advertisement expenditure within 5 years to on monthly bases. Advertising aims must be sloping around the communication process. Interview guides were used to collect data from the management of herbal retail shops while questionnaires were used to collect data from sampled final consumers of herbal products.

Today, how to put in text citations in a research paper in general is consistently bombarded with a multitude of advertising such as print fliers, posters, billboards, electronic banners, television and radio adverts, internet online ads, face book and mobile phone advertising among others.