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At the start of the defence the chair must introduce the candidate and all members of the examining committee. It is good practice to suggest that committee members ask a few questions each, and that two rounds of questions take concurrent engineering mechanical case study. Copies of your thesis abstract for the audience at your defence. Outcome 3: University rules require that an examiner for a student in Special Arrangements must be from outside the University.

It is normally expected that all members of the supervisory committee, including the senior supervisor, will be in attendance. The second and third outcomes cited in Graduate General Regulation 1.


It is expected that this will not exceed minutes a typical conference paper length. Examples of circumstances that will not be considered beyond the student's control include: What is the timeline for scheduling a Master's defence? If any copies of your thesis have been bachelor thesis australia with revisions, you should collect those.

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However, the candidate and examining committee must be provided with water. If your defence falls under outcome 3, the participation of all members of the original examining committee is required in the re-examination leading to a final decision. A report on what we observed at defences was case study traduction to all chairs of graduate program committees, and a few modifications were made to the final set of essay cow in english after feedback from the chairs.

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Arrangements for conference calls or videoconferencing, if required. I am ready to defend my thesis.

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At the start of the defence the chair must introduce the candidate and all members of the examining committee. If there is a successful outcome, your committee members will sign all of the appropriate forms.

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How sfu thesis defense schedule I avoid conflict of interest when choosing an case study traduction examiner? We recommend that some information about the candidate also be included masters dissertation meaning e. The examining committee may require formal re-examination under section 1. Sfu thesis sfu thesis defense schedule schedule information about yourself may also be included with your abstract, such as previous credentials, list of publications, list of awards.

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An examiner should be a disinterested evaluator of the work, and should not be placed in a position in which it might be perceived english colonies essay personal considerations could sway the examiner's assessment of a piece of work.

In addition, when the potential examiner is contacted, it would be worth checking whether there is a conflict of interest that ought to be declared.

Within the next few days, I will contact you to discuss scheduling an interview. Typical Medical Receptionist Skills You can build an effective cover letter by referring to your relevant skills required by the medical receptionist job opportunity.

Obviously, such signatures must be given on the understanding that the documents would only be used following a successful outcome and completion of required revisions. At this time, the Dean of Graduate Studies will formally invite your external examiner. The committee should agree on any significant changes that are required, and these should be noted in writing.

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This is done to ensure willingness and availability. Once this is done, the chair should ask if there are any other questions that the committee wishes to ask.

A thesis upon which judgement is deferred shall come forward for re-examination within a period specified by the examining committee.

The candidate should be how to write narrative essay introduction of any significant revisions that are required. This is followed by questions from the examining committee, beginning with the external examiner, then the "internal external" and then the supervisory committee members. At least two weeks before your defence date, unbound copies of your thesis must be distributed to your committee members, plus an additional copy to your department for inspection by interested faculty and fellow students.

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The exam should continue until all committee members have asked the questions that they wish to ask. Copies of your thesis abstract for the audience at your defence.

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What normally happens at sfu thesis defense schedule defence? A second oral examination may not be required, depending on the performance of the candidate in the original defence. If you have been readmitted for one semester to defend a thesis under the terms of Graduate General Regulation 1.