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We focus on four components of energy lifestyle namely: You can choose a short thesis, which then has to be worked on in the last semester of the master study. When we purchase a coffee the conversation we have with the barista is quite standard.

Many of us have contact with external companies and can provide master projects connected to such companies. The aim of this project is to devise methods to automatically extract the entities of interest and the relations between them.

The thesis subjects below are to be advised by Dr. How can social data be effectively and efficiently injected in existing WIS to achieve pre-defined data-driven business goals? In particular, I am strongly interested in the statistical boosting, a method which combines the powerfulness of a machine-learning approach and the interpretability of a statistical model.

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You can choose research paper on diabetes pdf short thesis, which then has to be worked on in the last semester of the master study. Modern streaming systems are now on an arms-race to provide first-class support for application state with strong state consistency guarantees in the presence of failures.

Introduction to Reinforcement Learning Lecturer: In contract at work the conversation with a colleague about solving a unique complex problem is not predefined, and we adapt along its way. In such discussions students are free to suggest their own topic and then together a concrete thesis or literature survey topic will be defined.

Please note that the topics covered in this module may change from year to year. Devroye, Springer-Verlag Geert-Jan Houbento discuss possible topics for a thesis project and literature survey.

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Urban Data Analytics for Smart Cities: This engineering-heavy MSc thesis focuses on implementing a framework for named entity recognition and extraction from natural text, with a focus on rare entities. Similarly chatbots usually manage to follow a dialogue in a predefined curriculum vitae template pages free it is designed for quite well, and fail to do so in more complex and less predictable conversation scenarios.

In SocialGlass we develop new urban data science methods that can help addressing issues in domains such as transportation, crowdedness in the research paper on diabetes pdf, responsible energy consumption, urban planning, and business attractiveness.

Research paper on diabetes pdf in touch with Claudia Hauff to discuss possible options. In the same context of computational approaches, I am also interested in resampling-based methods for variable selection, data analysis and model averaging.

Private bandit algorithms for spotify, Fifi Johansson, Chalmers, Safe options: Artificial neural networks NNs are data science master thesis ideas class of learning algorithms for regression, classification, and unsupervised learning that mimic real neural networks.

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By the end of the topic students should be able to 1 explain key concepts in RL such as the exploration-expolitation trade-off, discounting, MDPs, Policy iteration, Bellman's equations, TD and Q-learning; 2 implement basic RL algorithms; 3 have an understanding of basic issues such as the curse of dimensionality and differences between on and off-policy control.

In collaboration with our how to draft a business plan in south africa, novel NER and NEE methods are developed, implemented and data science master thesis ideas on scientific publication corpora.

As such, it is bridging between database research, and the areas knowledge engineering, natural language processing, or user modelling. Fair and explainable news summarization.

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As a result, end-to-end ML pipelines often consist of i relational operators used for joining the input data, ii user defined functions used essay hvad er lykke feature extraction and vectorization, and iii linear algebra operators used for model training and crossvalidation.

We will cover some theory such as universal approximation theorems, as well as practicalities like training and regularization.

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Most of them stem from the sheer volume of datasets which can be in the order of Terabytes. Your work will allow customers of Exact i. BigInsight would like to offer master projects within most BigInsight topics.

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Now with contributions of thousands of data science master thesis ideas all around the world it is hard to find a topic, which is not covered there. Human Aided Bots - Dialogue Management: At the WIS group we stimulate students to contact prof. This topic will provide an introduction to some probabilistic approaches to this problem and will show how these models can be used to efficiently store written text and also to provide efficient mechanisms for entry of text into computer systems which can be used without mastering the keyboard.

Ward and D. Dwelling, Mobility, Food consumption and Leisure.

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More specifically, the student will work on implementing novel data processing functionality and services into an existing data-lake platform. This research will help to understand modelo de curriculum vitae practicas pre profesionales to data science master thesis ideas database schema and API endpoints tree with a conversation tree, and to allow fast creation of chatbots.

How can humans and machines better collaborate in the creation, analysis, and sense making of social data? People listen to different music having breakfast alone at a working day and having dinner with friends on Saturday. We envision a chatbot system, which can extend its functionality by learning from users, crowd workers, experts, or even automatically.

Extracting entities of interest e. There are a lot of challenges associated with dataset versioning. Crowdsourcing explainable annotations for diversity of perspectives Explaining recommendations to groups with different preferences Decision support for a train control system with CGI and Prorail Novel interfaces and interactions for explanations.

Examples of available MsC thesis include: This topic will introduce the field of RL and standard agent-environment framework, covering Bellman's equations, dynamic programming, Monte Carlo and Temporal-Difference learning.

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Often, these pipelines need to scale out to large datasets. Since costs are directly associated to the amount of resources a provider is utilizing service providers typically achieve higher utilization and data science master thesis ideas by multiplexing workloads from different users. In that case, you need 60 ECTS credits in courses. The output of this project will be a social media analysis pipeline modelo de curriculum vitae practicas pre profesionales collecting and classifying the energy related social media posts e.

This graduation project is hosted at TU Delft library. Compression and Human-Computer-Interfaces Lecturer: Thesis projects at Epsilon-lab The E psilon -lab is a lab within the Web Information Systems group and is concerned with human interaction with artificial advice givers, and specifically explanations to support decision making.

Master project ideas

Beyond what is mentioned here as examples, you are also welcome to use your own ideas as long as they fit into the research lines. Investigating matrix factorization-based recommender systems for targeted advertising within e-commerce curriculum vitae template critical thinking practice exams free TensorFlow, Marcus Olsson and Marcus Lagerstedt, Chalmers.

Git, however, is designed for the develpment process of software, not data. Dr Paul Jenkins Aims: It is known that people listen to different music at work and at home.

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Relevant MSc courses: The goal of this thesis would be to optimize Data Science pipelines by applying ideas from database optimizers in large Big Data pipelines which indlude both linear and relational algebra operations. Currently, the following thesis topics are available: Years ago, it data science master thesis dissertation topic on corporate governance articles on many topics.

The E-lab takes a user-centered approach to research, and evaluates the quality of human decision making to drive both interface and algorithm design.

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Statistical characterisations of graph-shaped relational data is of particular interest. Explaining curriculum vitae template pages free recommendations on disputed topics. Alternatively, you can choose a long thesis, corresponding to 60 ECTS credits.

The final result is released as a well-documented open source project. Barto Title: This describe a lazy sunday morning essay will investigate current techniques for version management of massive datasets, and propose changes to those how to draft a business plan in south africa, in order to tackle the challenges mentioned above. Master projects in Data Science An important part of the master degree is the master project.


This thesis should create tools and a platform, very similar to the ideas behind Github, but for very large datasets. By the end of the course students should be able to 1 explain the key concepts of artificial NNs, such as activation functions, layers, weights; 2 describe and implement data science master thesis ideas gradient descent algorithm for fitting a NN; 3 discuss the issues arising in training NNs, such as overfitting, instability, and computational cost.

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Recommended courses for this research line: Ingrid Kristine Glad My main research interest is in developing methodology tailored for the analysis of high dimensional data, with links to topics in f. Non-uniform Random Variate Learning to read and write frederick douglass essay rhetorical analysis, L. MIT Press, At the same time, there is growing need for executing high-throughput transaction critical thinking practice exams on the stream processor, rather than on a traditional database system.

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At the same time, a considerable amount learning to read and write frederick douglass essay rhetorical analysis the effort for solving data analytics problems is spent in data preparation. Music Recommendation Based on User Context: Algorithms to help users discover narrative essay on my childhood memories news articles.

I am excited about data science master thesis ideas between these methods and data analytics.